Reviews and features of After Summerhill.
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The Independent
20th October 2011
What We Learned at the School for Scandal

Midweek (BBC Radio 4 online)
21th September 2011
Panel discussion with Libby Purvis, with Freer Spreckley, who is featured in After Summerhill

The Times Online (Schoolgate)
8th September 2011
Exam Pressures What happens to the children who go to a school with no exams and voluntary lessons?

The Times Educational Supplement – pdf download
23rd March 2012
An Establishment Ahead of its Time

The Epoch Times
26th October 2011
Positive Outcomes for pupils of Britain's most radical schools
Summerhill and Steiner schools are different but seem to work

The Western Daily Press
12th November 2011
Where are the pupils of the most radical school yet?

Personalised Education Now
21st September 2011

LIB ED - for the liberation of learning
September 2011

Peace News
October 2011
Review by David Gribble

Islington Tribune
December 2011

Young Minds
Winter 2011/12
Review by Angela Neustatter

The Teacher (NUT Magazine)
November/December 2011

Juno Magazine
Autumn 2012